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Winner of the Global Grand Challenge

BioCarbon Engineering wins the Singularity University Global Grand Challenge Award for the Environment.

BioCarbon Engineering has won the Global Grand Challenge Award presented by the Singularity University in partnership with the United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology, charity:water, American Red Cross, SAP, Genentech, HCL. The company came first in the Environment Category, where the projects had to demonstrate their contribution to sustainable and equitable stewardship of Earth's ecosystem for optimal functioning both globally and locally.

The founder and CEO of BioCarbon Engineering, Lauren Fletcher, pitched the drones for reforestation solution to the panel of judges from the Singularity University and WWF-X at the SU Global Summit held in San Fransisco.

Singularity University believes that leveraging exponential technologies will advance us along the path to solving our Global Grand Challenges and will shift humanity from an era of scarcity to one of abundance. Each of these objectives is achievable through technology and innovative thinking, and each has the potential to ensure basic needs are met for all people, while sustaining and improving quality of life, and mitigating future risks.

The award has been supported by the WWF-X, which is a single end-to-end programme that makes it easy for industries to adopt sustainable large scale innovations into their value chain, minimising inherent risks in innovation, market, finance and sustainability at a system’s level.

We are very grateful for everyone who supported us along the way and we are delighted to stand among the world’s most promising social impact tech companies. We hope that this award will help to redefine what is considered impact in business and will help more companies to achieve Sustainable Development Goals faster.

Picture: Lauren Fletcher and Soushiant Zanganehpour - BioCarbon Engineering advisor.

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