Land Rehabilitation for Natural Resources

Drive Faster Restoration For Environment And Community At Scale

Dendra partners with  industry leading customers to restore natural landscapes

See the Land Like Never Before

Get accurate insight into every aspect of the land’s condition, such as erosion, and how it’s trending over time to direct and plan work most effectively.

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Identify Every Species

Identify and map every species on every square metre for accurate weed management and proactive stewardship.

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Aerial Seeding At Scale

Cover more ground, even remote ground, faster with drone-based seeding than possible with boots in the field. Discover more!

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Case Study

"Unlike common restoration projects, the specific features of the land and risks posed by working at mining sites limit both the speed and scalability of traditional restoration methods."

"Dendra helps Glencore overcome these challenges by providing unprecedented insights into the condition of the land and ecosystems using ecology-driven data science and artificial intelligence. Complemented by drone-based aerial seeding which increases the rate of planting and mitigates on-site risks. Together, Glencore and Dendra are restoring thriving ecosystems."  

Lucy Roberts, Corporate Head HSEC and Human Rights

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