Aerial Seeding Drones

Activating Aerial Seeding Programs

Dendra partners with  industry leading customers to restore natural landscapes

Overcome Limitations of Ground Based Seeding Methods

Our seeding platform addresses the primary needs of any progressive rehabilitation program:
Reducing Erosion risk and avoiding the risk of introducing wheel-carried invasive weed species.
Accessing remote areas and challenging environments, including steep slopes.
Improving Safety by minimising on the ground operations.
Operating in marginal weather conditions, in a broader range of seasonal and surface conditions.

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Traceability seeding

Trace & Report

With our monitoring solutions, we are able to provide traceability from a bag of seeds to tree. We record the exact location where certain species of seeds were spread to support ongoing monitoring.

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Each of our seeding drones is able to reseed up to 60Ha/day, carrying 700 kg of daily payload. It means that we could spread at least 420m seeds every day, containing up to 53 different species. Get a better understanding of our Gen 3 capabilities here.

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