Our Story

Destruction of our biodiverse ecosystems has led to 2 BILLION hectares—more than 7 MILLION square miles—of degraded land, causing an unfathomable increase in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Dendra exists to stop this and reverse it.

We are building the most powerful tools for ecosystem restoration today. We combine decades of research in ecology and land restoration with cutting edge artificial intelligence and drone technologies to speed up and scale up land rehabilitation.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team has deep experience in ecology, hardware and software engineering, enterprise technology, and all things drones.

Susan Graham

Co-founder & CEO

Matthew Richie

Co-founder & CFO

Adam Filby

VP of Sales

Steve Bian

Chief Architect

Elena Fernandez-Miranda

Head of Plant Science

Jeremie Leonard

VP of Engineering

We are scientists, ecologists, and engineers on a mission.


Our ecologists do primary research and fieldwork to ensure that everything Dendra builds and every bit of land we work on actually makes a measurable difference in the environment.

Software + AI Engineers

AI engineers scale up the work of our ecologists to understand and direct rehabilitation work from hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands of hectares around the world.

Drone Operators

Drone operators scale up the data collection needed for our ecologists and AI engineers to do their work along with the aerial seeding needed to plant entire ecosystems at once.

Hardware Engineers

Hardware engineers modify and customize our drone platforms for data collection and aerial seeding, while working on the future of data capture platforms.

Our investors believe in the future


Product Manager, Sydney, AUS
Customer Operations Manager
Senior Scientist - Carbon Quantification
UI/UX Web Developer
Senior ML Engineer
Field Operations Manager, QLD, Aus
Office Assistant, QLD, AUS